Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Good Question: RSS Feeds and Readers

I use Shrook to stay up-to-date on all the blogs/websites I follow. A friend of mine uses Google Reader. There are several other free RSS readers online, but I am not familiar with using them. If you don't know what an RSS feed is, take a look at my very first post and there's a link explaining what it is and how to save your favorite sites.

Above is a screenshot of Shrook in action on my computer. The second column on the left is the name of the website bookmarked, the yellow numbers show how many new posts have been added since I last looked at the site. The middle column shows a written preview of what has been posted, with yellow stars indicating posts I have not clicked on yet. Posts can go away or stay depending on the preferences you set up. You can also mark posts that you want to go back to. The last row shows the written text of a post and any photos (not all sites are set-up to display images in the reader, but the majority do... I definitely pay more attention to the sites that show a picture in my reader). Shrook is very easy to use and the software has regular updates, it doesn't crash like it use to and I love all the options to customize it the way I prefer looking at posts.

Go now and fill your RSS Reader with many time sucking and creative juice flowing sites!

Thank you to "katefeesh" for the question on how I keep up with so many feeds. Now I have her blog to take a look it... this is how the web entangles you :)

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Unknown said...

hey! thank you for answering my question! I'm looking in to both these programs now :)