Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cool Hunting Interview (link at bottom of post)

As of this post I have 338 bookmarked RSS feeds, or in layman terms, a whole lotta sites I try to stay up to date with. I use these sites to distract me from my day, learn how to find cheap deals, see what the latest pattern trend is, see adorably cute animals and read up on friends' activities, etc. etc. Included in this vast pool of sites I look at regularly is Cool Hunting. I was excited to learn at the Kokeshi preview, a writer from the site wanted to post the event and even ask a few questions to yours truly. Here's the damage ;)


Unknown said...

is there a program or something you use to keep up with so many feeds?

Christina Conway said...

Hi katefeesh - I'm on a mac and use Shrook. Another friend uses Google Reader. They are both free downloads from the internet and the ONLY way I can stay up-to-date on blogs.