Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Art Collection

Posting a few pieces from my little collection of original works. It's growing and I'm running out of wall space but it's a pleasant problem.

My latest acquisition is "Golden Forest" by Ande Cook aka Chickory.
Her portfolio site can be found at www.andecook.com and her Etsy shop at chickory.etsy.com.
I immediately fell for this piece when I saw it on her Etsy site. It's not a typical style I'm drawn too but there was something magical about it that called to me. In-person, OH MY GOODINESS! The colors are wonderful and vibrant! The online image does it very little justice. I really like the folk art feel of Ande's work and the colors she works with are mouth-watering. This painting is made with acrylic paints on maple and is 6" x 6".

I bought this adorable painting a couple months ago, also through Etsy, it's Jennifer Davis' "Smile". It's acrylic and graphite on pine 4.25" x 4.25". An instant chuckle and warm giggle came to me when I first saw this painting. And honestly, it still does. I love the school portrait day feel of this character. I would love to be in a class with this, um, creature. And talk about awesome pattern mismatching!

You can find original pieces for sale at Jennifer's Etsy shop jenniferdavis.etsy.com and view some really incredible and a few slightly more serious works on her website www.JenniferDavisArt.com.

This tiny piece was also found through Etsy and is by Cori Dantini, titled "A Sharp Trio". I really really like the way she uses old papers with doodles and in this case watercolor paper with musical notations. Her sweet color palette has an aged feel to it and her characters dainty, delicate and friendly. The piece is referred to as an Art Trading Card due to it's small size of 3.5" x 2.5". It's an original painting with watercolors, pen and pencil. You can find prints, original works, ornaments and even pocket mirrors with her work at her Etsy shop corid.etsy.com
Pikaland has an interview with Cori here: http://pikaland.com/2008/04/03/interview-cori-dantini

Monday, February 23, 2009

2 Months Too Long and Another Year Older

What honestly sustains me in this life is art. The drawn, painted, photographed and created visual stimuli that keep me existing for another day. My friends of course mean just as much and without them there would be little reason to wake in the mornings. I write this not to frighten anyone but to admit why I merely exist.

It is through art that I see people, life, stories, love and passion. Things that life would be so plain without. Strangers' interpretations and desires become embedded in the work they create. And though it's impossible to meet everyone in the world to hear their unique stories, through art I can cover great distances and populations.

Art brings a smile to my heart. It's why I'm drawn to positive imagery the most. It's the smiles I get that feed my heart to produce smiles of its own.

I have surrounded myself with beautiful, fun, colorful, sweet and happy paintings and drawings. I have an addiction to collecting original works, I feel more connected to the artists and the pieces when I know their creator was right there, applying the brush strokes, surveying the piece as it developed and lovingly tidying it all up to be a completed piece. The art pieces I own have soul and I'm never truly alone in this apartment I call home.