Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday Special!

Ooooh! Support Small Businesses AND Artists with a 'Cyber Monday" sale on Homeroom paintings. Free shipping within the continental U.S.! Yay!!

Beautiful pdf of all pieces here:

Get your ART on!

Thank you for your support,
Chris, Dylan & Don

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Homeroom @ Subtext Gallery Peek

show postcard with Soey Milk's art.

lovely shot of gallery front window by the talented 'gumisforlovers'

three main gallery walls. makes the space look super miniature.
but it was a BIG event. :)

fourth gallery wall "classroom" with original childhood drawings
and photos of the artists.

You can find all the artwork for the show HERE
in a pdf that includes information about each piece.

Reception for "Homeroom" at Subtext Gallery was perfect! The rain stayed away, crowds of art lovers viewed amazing works, drinks were had, people were fed, coloring ensued and the band played loudly. Thank you to everyone for making this event so much fun!

If you missed the show, never fear, I'll be here holding fort every Saturday until the end of the show, Sunday, December 11. Take an intimate look at all the pieces and bring your family and friends. I'll even have the art supplies out for your creative drawing adventures.

Artists' website can be found below. Enjoy and discover great talent:

Allison Sommers

Audrey Kawasaki

Celëne Petrulak

Chris Ryniak

Harmony Gong


Kelly Vivanco

Leung Ka-Yin, Joey

Nimit Malavia

Soey Milk

Yoskay Yamamoto

Zoë Williams

A HUGE "Thank You"
to everyone that made
this event possible
and showed their support. -c

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Subtext Gallery, 'Homeroom' Early Preview

Late night shots of Subtext Gallery in progress
for opening night Friday, November 11. It's looking AMAZING!
So Proud!

The delightful Jeni Yang photographing her final painting
alongside the original childhood masterpiece.

One of the owners of Subtext Gallery,
the always dedicated, totally stocked,
art enthusiast, Dylan Jones,
giving a well-earned thumbs up.

"Thanks, Subtext guys, for making this possible!"

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nimit Malavia

Ooooh, more progress photos for Homeroom @Subtext. This time it's the intensely brilliant work of Nimit Malavia from Canada. You really need to see this piece in-person to fully appreciate.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Homeroom @ Subtext Gallery

My cat ate my homework. Yes, that's why I haven't updated in so many many days.

Actually, I have been hard at work putting together a stunning show with intensely amazing super incredible talents that have me in awe to be working alongside. The show opens this Friday night, November 11, 2011 at Subtext Gallery in Little Italy, San Diego.

I will now have to make a shortcut to provide more information on the show until I can catch up properly, click HERE for Homeroom: Opening Reception and show information.

Soey Milk's progress shot for her piece in the Homeroom show at Subtext Gallery. Mesmerizing.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Thursday, July 28, 2011

♬ Currently Listening To:

And I can't wait for Beirut's new album, Rip Tide, on August 30th. First two songs I've heard are already stuck lovingly in my head: "East Harlem" and "Goshen". Listen and I promise no regrets.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Reader's Digest of Updates

We raised over $6000 with the Ema Art for Japan Fundraiser... WOWOWOW! THANKS to each and every one of you that participated, checked out the auctions and supported the cause. It was a bit of a nightmare working with Mission Fish (and I flat out can say, "DON'T USE THEM.") since they are greedy little buggers. But overall it was a huge labor of love and I'm proud to have been able to help Japan in some tiny way.


In Los Angeles, for the "Year of the Labbit" at the Japanese American National Museum, I have a custom Labbit on view from July 14 through September 11, 2011. My "Pooka" is showcased with mighty talent all around, including work by Edwin Ushiro, Yoskay Yamamoto, Camilla d'Errico, Lou Pimentel and Harmony Gong amongst others. All pieces are for sale, support the museum and the artists.

"Pooka", customized Labbit by me. Acrylic, Sculpey and Love.

"Pooka" close-up of riding babooshka.

Blank Labbit with Sculpey droppings.


Kelly Vivanco's painting with bonus Kraken(s).

I'm currently working on a piece for the 5 year celebration show at Subtext Gallery in Little Italy, San Diego. The show is titled, "Release the Kraken" and has local talent repainting collected works of art depicting water with a "Kraken" added to the scenes. I wish I could be there for the opening of this show on August 12th... but alas I will be in New York City for work, play and adventures! If you attend the opening, please takes loads of photos and share the experience with me. Wish I could be in two places at once.

Lebedinoye Ozero by Anonymous & Christina Conway
Acrylic and Velvet Painting on Cardboard



In August, I'll be visiting NYC (and New Jersey) for almost two weeks. Can't wait!!! It's mostly for pleasure so I have next to nothing to complain about... even with the weather predicting to be H-O-T. Can't wait to visit my art friends and see all the things that make NYC, NYC.


"I ♡ Unicorns", an early work by Christy Conway
(yes, in the days of unicorns I was a Christy).

AND... In the works for this Fall is a show I'm curating for Subtext Gallery, "School Night Open House", with artists reinterpreting existing works of art from their youth. The line-up is truly incredible and gives me goose-bumps each time I review - Check out these artists and links for yourself and see why YOU MOST DEFINITELY SHOULD BE IN ATTENDANCE November 11, 2011 - that's 11/11/11 for all you number kids out there.
Confirmed Artists:
Allison Sommers

Audrey Kawasaki

Celëne Petrulak

Chris Ryniak

Harmony Gong


Katherine Brannock

Kelly Vivanco

Leung Ka-Yin, Joey

Nimit Malavia

Soey Milk

Yoskay Yamamoto

Zoë Williams


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Joel Nakamura

My love for Joel Nakamura's work started before I ever began collecting art or curating. In college, many many moons ago, I came across his work in a random magazine and instantly was enthralled. So many details, such interesting characters and exquisite colors! I cut the image out of the magazine and pasted it inside a book I was putting together for an Art Education Class book titled "What is Art?". I was questioning if illustration was to be considered "Art" and of course, I knew it to be true, but you had to make the book full of opposing images and leave the answers up the viewer. Joel's work was a large painting on the side of a semi-truck advertising Corona Beer, it was a complex image with many hidden characters and objects. The first time a beer company actually caught my attention with a campaign. Yes, advertising can contain "art".

The next time I thought of Joel was about 6 years later while taking an Illustration Art class. We had to write about our favorite illustrators. Something I hadn't thought too much about, but I had already started collecting children's books so it wasn't a hard topic to write about. Narrowing down to 4 artists only, I thought of the impact Joel's work had on me so many years before and chose him as one the illustrators to focus on. I found his website, copied his bio photo where he was wearing an odd hat with "horns", and then learned more about his background and techniques. He is influenced by Mexican art and paints and hammers on metal, creating time-consuming and thought provoking images often around mythical stories. It was great to learn about a technique not commonly used in current art. I admired his work even more than before. The class assignment was actually useful!

Around the same time of the paper, I started an apprenticeship with an established designer who collected art and worked with many of his artists friends. The first day on the job (his home), there across the living room I spied something very familiar. It's was an original Joel Nakamura. Wow. Strange coincidence, small world. And the designer was personal friends with Joel. Soon after I found myself on the phone talking with Joel and he was giving me advice on being an illustrator (I was under some strange illusion I could be one). I was thrilled to be getting advice from such a talented man, and he had an amazing peacefulness about it that made me immediately feel comfortable and like an old friend. Later that same year, Joel came out with a children's book and was signing them in Pasadena (Joel lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico). I of course made sure to be there and he signed and doodled inside my copy, I was thrilled and it was nice to finally meet him in-person.

Years later, I was curating my first big art show and I knew I had to include Joel. He agreed with much gumption and completed three beautiful pieces that all sold almost immediately. The next year I ran into him at San Diego Comic Con, he was watching the booth of the designer I use to work with. I invited him to be in another show I was curating, this time we had a long talk over the phone discussing the true nature of people, it was a good conversation and I left feeling like I had a true friend in Joel Nakamura. He's the real deal, down to earth and modest with an explosion of creativity emenating from his fingertips. Keep up the great work, Joel.

New Painting Joel just sent me a preview of. :)

going, Going, GONE!

Last 24hrs (some only 12hrs) for above art ema for Japan.
100% Proceeds go to Charity.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Give2Asia Post

Yay! Give2Asia wrote about the Ema Art Auction :) Read HERE

Ema Art Auction for Artists Help Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Fund - Give2Asia

First Pieces donated to Ema Art Auction
will be ending this Sunday night (PCT).
Click HERE to see all art in one place.

100% of Proceeds to Benefit Give2Asia Earthquake & Tsunami 2011 Fund

Please keep in mind that this is a Charity Auction and not just an art sale. It's not about getting a "steal". It's about contributing to an important cause and getting a "Thank You" in return with original art. These are talented artists that donated 100% of their time, creativity and proceeds for help with the recovery of Japan due to the recent Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Reactor Emergencies. Please bid generously and avoid "sniping". MANY MANY THANKS!
Sincerely, Christina Conway/Curator

Ema are traditional small Japanese wooden tablets left at shrines with an image on one side, and a wish or a prayer on the other. To help Japan relief efforts, spread awareness, support and hope, artists are creating ema with their own positive heartfelt imagery for auction to benefit Artists Help Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund at Give2Asia.

Chubu modeling donated ema art "Love Delivery Truck" by Aaron Meshon

Taking inspiration from these simple, traditional and specifically Japanese gestures of wish-making/prayers this auction allows everyone of any culture, religious background and dynamics a similar talisman, using the "if you will it, it will be" thought belief. A small work of art for a big cause.

One side has been left blank for its new owner to write his or her own wishes or prayers.

Bidding begins Sunday, April 3, at eBay Giving Works for Give2Asia. Bidding for each ema is open for seven days. More ema artwork will be added through April 20.


Aaron Meshon

Allison Sommers

Amy Crehore

Amy Huddleston

Axelhoney / Melissa Anderson Contreras

Celëne Petrulak

Fawn Fruits / Daniel Lim

Jeya / Jeni Yang

Joel Nakamura

Kelly Vivanco

Lilly Piri

Lorena Alvarez

MALL / May Ann Licudine

Yoskay Yamamoto

X03 / Zoë Williams

Harmony Gong

Audrey Kawasaki

Kevin Cassidy

Florence Pacho

Mar Hernández

Ken Garduno

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

PSA for Japan

Very touching and well made PSA for Japan.
Please take a moment to experience.

Thank you.

You can help here:

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Midweek Music Meanderings

(so much free music here, you'll explode!)







ashley in headphones
Ashley rockin' the 'phones, CATchy tunes are her fave.

Simply can't get enough, an addiction for sure... the need for more and more grows with every new awesome song I hear. M•U•S•I•C, you are my drug of choice. To share my dependence on this ear opiate I give you multitudes of options for getting hooked and staying strung out for days (insert evil but sweet laugh here).

First, for the next 90 days (or until there is a crack-down on my link) I have a yummy plethora of tunes consisting of most of my top rated tracks. DOWNLOAD AWESOME MUSIC HERE, be patient, 85 songs take a few minutes to download but days to consume, years to digest and a lifetime to forget; I promise they are well worth the wait. Enjoy!

Baby Trashes Bar In Las Palmas

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Synthesizing Innovative (Frustrated) Maverick

I have a current project with the possibility of increasing both the client's recognition and my own. The unique opportunity of working within a small yet emerging product development company where I feel that my voice is heard and appreciated. But there's always a hump, a wall, a cold crevasse where the jump to final approval is broader than it first appeared.
-UPDATE Feb. 10, 2011: I've fallen into the chasm and I have to move on to the next project. P.P.S. Just came across this post from a year ago, good one:

Dare Mighty Things

Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat. - Theodore Roosevelt
I'm on the prowl for extrapolating the importance of design over generic presence in the market place. That winning people over with their hearts is more enduring, exhilarating and fulfilling than stuffing the shelves with another unnecessary product, and cramming our pockets with cold hard cash for more nights out on the town, bigger fancier cars and homes so large you can hear an echo. Yes, I understand the need to have a roof over my head, food on my plate and insurance for any future emergencies. But I also know that I live a life filled with less money and more happiness than many of my peers. I love what I do for a living. It's not always glamorous and probably not as super awesome as my friends think it might be, but it IS pretty damn great. Getting paid to research until my brain leaks ideas and then somehow manage to communicate just an ounce of what I've synthesized in my head is a luxury. But in the end, more often than not, I face challenges of convincing others to trust in my visions... the irony being that my previous creations are what brought the client finding me in the first place is not lost.

Upon researching supportive texts to help clarify and positively persuade my thesis I found several that made a smart and sensible stance for good design aka Right Brain thinking:

and a slightly outdated but still strong post on Wired: REVENGE OF THE RIGHT BRAIN

and a sensible slideshow: SUBJECT TO CHANGE

Above is a paper-cut art piece titled "Three Levels" by Elsita, to make this post less aesthetically displeasing. And maybe a little more consumable. ;)

A huge contributor to creative thinking, sharing, loving, caring and making a difference is Cuban artist Elsa Mora. Her stories are goose-bump inducing, tear-jerking, inspiring, incredible, amazing and beautiful. She maintains several blogs and an Etsy store, besides taking care of her endearing family, the ups and downs in life and creating highly personal art. She really is a remarkable human being and I want to thank her for helping me push myself further despite obstacles I stumble across in my life. "Thank you, Elsita!"