Friday, December 26, 2008

Vormator Publication

You can read the text on my flickr site where the images are a higher resolution:
Main Copy

First time to have my work published in a book and I'm quite proud. The Vormator project started about 2 years ago and the book was finally released in October. The book is an import and can be ordered online here.

Taken from the book:
"Vormator is the ultimate design challenge that requires each artist to create a one-page visual by using only eight shapes within a set of given rules.

The goal of the Vormator project is to show the importance of limitations on creativity. The result is shown in this book and proves that even with a large number of limitations and a few graphical elements to start with, a huge variation of quality graphics is still possible.

The best works published in this book were selected from over five hundred submissions from all over the world. The variety of art works is mind-boggling. Each creator also explains how the art work was made and provides insight into the process of creation, which gives this publication an educational value as well as an inspirational one.

Vormator has been very successful on the internet and is widely discussed on design portals, blogs and design forums. Now the best results of Vormator are available for the first time in print.

Vormator is an initiative by two Dutch designers: Wimer Hazenberg of Booreiland and Jan Willem Wennekes of Zeptonn."

Here are a few of my favorite designs in the book:

MWM Graphics
Mykola Dosenko
David Polonia

Friday, December 12, 2008

My New Mug

I found this super awesome crying baby through Etsy. The shop, "Plants on the Brain", caught my attention (who doesn't love baby heads???) and I couldn't resist inquiring if a handle could be added to my favorite one and Viola! a mug was born (pun intended)! Can't wait to start my mornings off right by drinking caffeine out of a screaming baby's head. Test run shown above (my first effort at animating pics, so silly), serves up a lovely cuppa chai. :)