Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Vinyl Pulse & Designer Toys

In case you haven't figured it out yet I am an admirer of the designer toy scene. Honestly though, most of the pieces are created by and for men... and I prefer more sugary sweet stuff so I have been rather picky on what I collect and only buy pieces that really impress me. Artists whose toys I tend to be most drawn towards are Nathan Jurevicius (Scary Girl), Rolitoland, Tim Biskup (older stuff), Gary Baseman, Tara McPherson and J. Neth. The designer toy market is what inspired me to put the custom Kokeshi show together but I wanted to influence the scene with a little more femininity, something a little softer. But don't worry, some manly pieces managed to work their way in there... something for everyone.

Vinyl Pulse just posted about the Kokeshi event and I'm quite thrilled. They have tons of updates about designer toys. Check them out.

Here's a random photo so this post is slightly more interesting:
Kathie Olivas' new vinyl toys displayed at San Diego Comic Con this year.

Shelf Life & DIY Calamari

This is the show I made the custom piece for, shown in post below.

About the Show(s)
During November adFunture is opening their guerilla store and adFunture UK event in London hosted by Bodhi Gallery's 'B2' Storespace. During the 6 week adFunture event there will be artist signings, new product drops, exclusive releases, customs shows, art, toys, non-stop joy etc. etc. The event co-incides with a duet art show featuring work from Hicalorie and Sichi.

The official opening night / launch party will be November 15th, and also provides the venue for the official release of Lefty's first colorways, anyone of you in the area or willing to make the trip are invited to come down & give moral support while getting drunk for free on our behalf of sponsors Tiger Beer. The customs show, dubbed 'DIY Calamari' will be on display during the 6 week adfunture event. You can read up more on this at www.adfuntureworkshop.com/uk/

Sunday, October 28, 2007

HiCalorie Lefty: A New Breed

Sea of rainbow Lefty feet.
One version of the new Lefty coming out in November. Glows in the dark... oooooooh!

Straight from the HiCalorie site, "Saltwater Vinyl!
Hot from the underwater toy press, these little 6" Glow in the Dark octopi are assembling for release at adFunture London. The first vinyl colorway of Lefty, our once narcotics addicted plush octopus, will be available to be picked up, signed and taken back to glow in your homes from the 15th of November, his release celebrating the opening of adFunture's 6 week Guerilla Store in London."

My custom Lefty side 1: "Spaceship Lefty: featuring Gangsta Panda"

My custom Lefty side 2: "Spaceship Lefty: featuring Sly Fox"

My custom Lefty side 3: "Spaceship Lefty: featuring Well-Read Rabbit"

There is a custom Lefty show arriving soon in the U.K. next month. Sorry to be missing the show in-person, it's an impressive line-up of artists : Julie West, Kathie Olivas, Clutter Magazine, Mike Burnett, Jeremyville, Peskimo and Hello Brute to name a few. Somehow I got in there ;) If you're able to check it out, send me photos.

Friday, October 26, 2007

First Crush

There has been so much terrible news lately with all the fires going on in Southern California that I felt the need to post something a little more sweet and distracting.

By the way, my first crush was when I was about 6, his name was Dustin Crossfield. Funny how I've never forgotten that name. xox

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Updated SD Fires Map

click on image for larger view or go directly to link below for high res pdf download.
Updated SD Fires Map as of October 24, 11:30 p.m. Courtesy of www.sosdfireblog.blogspot.com

Save The Date: Kokeshi Nov. 3rd

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

San Diego Fires

Thank you to Marie Rounsavell for putting together a blog devoted to collecting donations to raise funds for various charities supporting victims of the fires currently going on in Southern California. Take a look at her site and see if there is something you can do too.

I will be donating a Kokeshi that I painted. Look for it soon. THANKS!

Also, through Marie I found this useful site listing updates about the fires and donations needed, closures, happening, etc.

The green arrow shows where I am located and Subtext Gallery is about 1 1/2 miles away South East of me.

Thank you for the concern shown for San Diego County. Fortunately, the area I live has not been directly affected, but everywhere around you can feel the impact. The air smells like a campfire and I'm sure we will have days filled with ash.

300,000 people have been displaced and over 1000 homes destroyed. Thankfully we learned a lot from the Cedar fire 4 years ago and people have been evacuated very early, resulting in less casualties. We are not in the clear yet and hope that the Santa Anas don't cause new surprises.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Creative Coding

This is

Try your favorite words too with Spell With Flickr.
Created by Erik Kastner.

T h A N K S

E The Letter R I K

Discovered through Rag & Bone Blog.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

My Day

Today I had a chat with a real live toy maker before heading out on my errands. What a great job title and even more fascinating job! Seems the Kokeshi project has caught his attention... it's exciting meeting all these new people that care so much about art and toys.

It's was my first day back from a weeks worth of temporary on-site work with a marketing company in an area of San Diego I never even knew existed. I had to return briefly today to get some papers signed and while on my way I ended up behind a classy named business truck. I feel like such a "star" ;)

When I arrived at the agency I discovered a sweet cat that seemed interested in conversation. So we chatted a bit. I returned a few minutes later ready to leave and my new acquaintance was promptly waiting right next to the driver's side of my car. :( This is an industrial area so I knew he wasn't a family's missing cat. Well, the cat managed to talk me into "rescuing" him. Seriously, it's all the cat insisting such attention. Once in the car I think he had a change of heart and there was some serious whining going on followed by some frantic searching for an escape route. Luckily, he chilled pretty early on and became my lap companion while I drove, traffic was congested since everyone was just getting off work and for once I was thankful for the slow drive. Half an hour later we arrived at our destination... the shelter. It was a sad departure but I knew he would be better off in their care. *Note: this was a round cat and I thought it might be a pregnant female but the animal shelter confirmed that he was just fat... One fat happy cat, I hope I did the right thing.

My next stop was Subtext where I was greeted with 20 packages of Kokeshi dolls. It was like Christmas! The new arrivals will be getting photographed this weekend and I will be posting more "sneak peaks" on flickr soon. I am so lucky to get to see these works up-close and have to handle the art... seriously, I felt like I was unwrapping rare gems and you know what, they really are. It's going to be hard parting with all these lovely Kokeshi dolls but it's heart-warming to know I have a little something to do with their existence. :)

Kokeshi Review Posts

These are all the previous posts made on **Twinklings** regarding the Kokeshi and accompanying group art show at Subtext Gallery in San Diego. Opening night is coming soon and I'm excited to see all the pieces together. This is a wonderful project that I have had the privilege of working on. Thank you to all the talented artists who have made this show possible.

**Kokeshi** @ Subtext Nov. 3, 6-10 pm

Kokeshi Artists

Kokeshi 101

My Favorite Mino

Bunka-no-hi/Culture Day

Bill Collins - 5th Generation Woodworker

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Design-A-Day 12

© 2007 Christina Conway

Design-A-Day 11

© 2007 Christina Conway (click on image to see detail view)
"Rings & Rows"

Design-A-Day 10

© 2007 Christina Conway
"Sunshine Flowers"

Design-A-Day 9

© 2007 Christina Conway (click on image to see detail view)
"Pop Tops"
Youth girls' wear. Okay, so these designs were actually created last month, but I'm busy with a freelance project so they will have to count.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Design-A-Day 8

pattern © 2007 Christina Conway
"Spot on"

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Design-A-Day 7

Crochet necklace worked with cotton thread and washers.
"Black Wrap"

Design-A-Day 6

pattern © 2007 Christina Conway
"Maze Dresses"

Design-A-Day 5

pattern © 2007 Christina Conway
"Flower Drops"

Friday, October 5, 2007

Bill Collins - 5th Gen. Woodworker

Ana Reinert's newly arrived blank Kokeshi, she said it was taunting her, poor Ana. Photo courtesy of Ana Reinert.

Blank Kokeshi on it's travels to become something more than just a piece of wood.

This is Bill Collins, a well-traveled gentleman who is so much more than just a woodworker. This man has heart.

A little bio I received from Bill:
"Bill descends from five generations or more of woodworkers on both sides of his family. His Great Grandfather Collins was a cabinet, carriage and casket maker in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. His Grandfather Collins and his father built wooden tanks in the oilfields of West Virginia and houses and churches when metal tanks replaced the wooden ones. His Mother’s Wagoner Family ancestors brought woodworking skills from Germany in the 1700’s, and settled in Ohio and Kansas.

Bill has been an avid woodworker most of his life, and a member of the San Diego Fine Woodworkers Association for more than twenty years. He chairs five different committees. His favorite wood projects are small utilitarian items such as stools, recipe, stationery and jewelry boxes, rolling pins, cutting boards, aids for handicapped people, and most recently, canes. Much of his work is donated to worthy causes.

His Grandfather Collins’ woodworking tools were the start of his extensive tool collection, which now includes hundreds of beautiful old planes, chisels, saws, measuring devices, hammers, braces, levels and other miscellaneous tools. He uses all of them before he puts them on display, and borrows from his collection when he needs just the right tool for a particular job. "

Part of Bill Collins' extensive collection of antique tools including "beautiful old planes".

Some of the necessities to the shop.

Other necessities: friends and fellow woodworkers. Left to right, Bill Collins, Al Devries and Jack Thurman.


Jack Thurman making multi-colored cutting boards. They are beautiful, several different woods are used to create stripes of color. I was given a board as a gift that day, I love it!

Harry Feucht hard at work cutting moose, hee hee!

Harry met Bill 15 years ago and they have been working in the shop ever since.

Finished blank Kokeshi with Bill working on another in the background.

"I was a Navy officer for 23 years before retiring in 1978. I brought home Kokeshi dolls for my young daughters when I visited Japan and have always appreciated them and certainly the opportunity to be involved in some small way in the (Kokeshi) project." -Bill Collins

You can write Bill at WCollins(at)san.rr.com or call his workshop for your wood projects, 1 619 232-4626. He is located at 632 9th Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101.

A finished Kokeshi by yours truly.

Miss Mindy's incredible Kokeshi with Edwin Ushiro's piece in the background.

And the result of all this is going to be an amazing collection of custom Kokeshi dolls by over 75 artists from 13 different countries. November 3rd can't come soon enough! The photographs do not convey the true beauty of being around these handmade pieces. I hope to see you there. Bill will be there too, so make sure you say "hello".

Thank you so much Bill!