Monday, September 17, 2007

Kokeshi Artists

I've been working on a project since late July that I feel is ready to be "let out of the bag". I started a flickr page where I could put all the artists involved in one place. The collection has blossomed into this set of amazing and note-worthy artists. I never thought my little idea would grow into something so incredible.

I approached a local gallery, Subtext, with an idea I had for a group art show. It was really just an off-shoot from a project I thought I might do with a fellow artist. I thought the show would be more interesting if there were additional artists included. I started selecting local artists I admired and then including Los Angeles artists I didn't know well, but had met briefly in the past.

The response was overwhelming. What started as a group show for maybe 30 artists has now turned into a group show with 78! At last count, we are expecting 85 pieces of custom art to be shown at Subtext Gallery.

What is the show about? The beloved Kokeshi doll.

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