Saturday, September 22, 2007

It's Gettin' Hot in Here

This is awesome! A new friend I made this year is Mandy Jouan of SappyMooseTree. She's an extremely talented and wonderfully funny young lady. She's part of a group I put together in January called San Diego Social and Creative Network. Another creative and unique woman I met through SDSCN is Shayna Yates of Well, fate had it planned that Mandy and Shayna should meet and the result is a sweet collaboration you can view in the video above.

Mandy, along with her close friend Tess, created the polar bear costume for the video of Jenny Owen Youngs' "It's Getting Hot in Here," a cover of an original song by Nelly. Shayna made the singing animal heads above the fireplace. You can find photos of the polar bear's creation and behind-the-scenes shots of the video creation at Mandy's flikr site. Tess played the bear in the video and I hear it was beyond "hot in (t)here" and Mandy played around a bit in the Sasquatch suit. What a talented pair!

"octopus fascinator part two" modeled and created by Shayna Yates

Shayna is also one of the artists that will be creating a custom Kokeshi doll for the Subtext show Nov.3. Check out her flickr site and to see what a muliti-faceted talent this girl is, she does it all! Draws, paints, makes comics, sews and has a wonderful fashion style this is all her own. This chick rocks!

"Grandfather Beetle Got More Than His Share of Birthday Cake" ,20" x 24", oil on canvas by Shayna Yates

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