Sunday, September 30, 2007

** Spotlight Artist: Ken Garduno **

photo borrowed from Tom Haubrick, another talented artist from Comic Con (center).

I randomly stumbled upon Ken Garduno's work at San Diego Comic Con this year (he's the fella outlined on the far right of the photo above). It was towards the end of my day long trek through the convention center seeking vinyl toys and a table at the end of one of the rows caught my attention, I was immediately in awe.

Ken works mostly with pen and ink, flavoring his drawings with bits of color every so often. I love his style, rather reminiscent of Albert Hirschfeld, beautiful in its line simplicity and color. Ken and I have become friends so I can't say too many more kind words, I have to play it off that he's just "kinda talented" or I'll never hear the end of it. Yea, Ken's alright.

This is the lovely drawing I bought from Ken that fateful day at Comic Con. Now I need more and supposedly he's hard at work on a custom piece I hear will be AWESOME and his best drawing yet! You can enjoy his work at subtext come November 3rd for the Kokeshi show where Ken has created two custom dolls. Word is more of his drawings will be gracing their walls in-between shows too, congratulations Ken!

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