Saturday, January 26, 2008

Yael Naim: Music to my ears

The Only One

Oh and she's the girl behind the newest apple commercial song, New Soul. She's so lovely lovely lovely. Enjoy.

Kokeshi Today

"Wooden Kokeshi" © 2008 Christina Conway

Sorry for the serious delay on the the update to the Kokeshi show from Subtext Gallery. All the unsold dolls have moved on to Nucleus Gallery in Los Angeles. You can find the Kokeshi being displayed and available for sale on their website and in their new store location. They are truly incredible to see in-person, don't miss this second opportunity to view these mini masterpieces.

I continue to find my Kokeshi project in the news... seems artists are being inspired to create their own and every day more and more people find images from the show on the net. Well, in the very near future you can find a sweet article and pictures in a more physical form! Hi•Fructose Magazine has put together a little somethin' for your reading pleasure outside of the internet. Yay! I'm so proud! Also, I was just told that the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles has approved their very own Kokeshi show with me playing curator. I'm thrilled to bits and bits.

I also have another little project in the works that involves the following lovely artists (but that's all the hint I'll drop for now):

© 2007 Amy Sol

© Pamela Jaeger

© 2006 Allison Sommers

© Ana Bagayan

© AxelHoney

© 2007 celëne

© 2007 Tiffany Liu

© 2007 Sylvia Ji

© Tara McPherson

© 2007 Brandi Milne

© Kelly Vivanco

© Lisa Alisa

© Miss Mindy

© Lori Earley

Monday, January 14, 2008

Speaking of Paper...

Bee miniature paper sculpture available on Elsita's Etsy Shop.

I recently came across the blog of Elsa Mora and she's super fantastic! A truly inspirational person I'm proud to have stumbled upon. Her abilities seem to know no limit and her blog is completely worth wasting precious time on. Check out her drawings, paintings, dolls, paper sculptures and dress-making skills - she's quite the quintuple threat and then throw in mother and wife and you wonder exactly where this person came from??? (oh and her husband does some impressive stuff too ;) )

"Knitting", Digital © 2007 Elsa Mora

"Heart and Brain" ©2007 Elsa Mora
"El Jardin de Maria Julia" Dress, © 2007 Elsa Mora

"Baby Tania", mixed media, © 2007 Elsa Mora

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mmmm, Paper.

I'm going to imagine this was all done with recycled paper so that my last 2 posts don't make me feel like a hypocrite.
This video was created with the help of artist Su Blackwell. Visit her site, marvel at her creations and watch how the video was created.

I'm a HUGE HUGE fan of paper. It's one of the most versatile materials and one that just about anyone has access to. From huge elephant sculptures larger than life to lace dresses and love letters, paper is absolutely incredible. Here's to paper, "Cheers".

"Primaries Blues". Cardstock paper, 12" x 12", © 2007 Jen Stark.
Jen Stark, Queen of paper cutting.

"Speak Flower". Hand-cut black paper, 30" x 27", © 2003 Kako Ueda.
Kako Ueda, mind blowing paper silhouttes.

Chinese Paper-cutting Art Exposition held in E. China.

This post was inspired by a recent article from Camilla Engman's blog, check out her work, she's a delight!

For more fun with paper check out Paper Forest.

Allie's Green Answers

A wonderful follow-up find (watch "The Story of Stuff" below) to helping our planet is Allie's Green Answers. Short, mostly sweet, always informative and easily to follow posts.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Story of Stuff

Click on image to be taken to video, give it a few secs to open.

Take a 20 minute break, learn something every human being should be aware of and then make smarter choices for our future. Wonderfully made and very easy to understand.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy 2008!

"Crissy Cries" ©2007 Fawn Fruits

This last year was an amazing experience for me. To start the new year off just right I purchased the above drawing, Crissy Cries, from a favorite artist of mine, Fawn Fruits aka Daniel Hyun Lim. Today is Daniel's birthday so I hope that my finally choosing and buying a piece of his art makes him smile even a little brighter.

Fawn Fruits was also a part of the Kokeshi project and one of the first artists I invited. I am happy to see his work being appreciated in so many places and to learn that his 1000 Drawings project will be turned into a book. He is also moving to L.A. in two weeks so I'm thrilled to know his work will be a little more "local". Congratulations on everything, Daniel!

I wish everyone the loveliest of years, Happy 2008!