Monday, January 14, 2008

Speaking of Paper...

Bee miniature paper sculpture available on Elsita's Etsy Shop.

I recently came across the blog of Elsa Mora and she's super fantastic! A truly inspirational person I'm proud to have stumbled upon. Her abilities seem to know no limit and her blog is completely worth wasting precious time on. Check out her drawings, paintings, dolls, paper sculptures and dress-making skills - she's quite the quintuple threat and then throw in mother and wife and you wonder exactly where this person came from??? (oh and her husband does some impressive stuff too ;) )

"Knitting", Digital © 2007 Elsa Mora

"Heart and Brain" ©2007 Elsa Mora
"El Jardin de Maria Julia" Dress, © 2007 Elsa Mora

"Baby Tania", mixed media, © 2007 Elsa Mora


Anonymous said...

Wow Christina! What an honor being in your blog (that I enjoy so much!!!!) Mil gracias!!!!
Elsita :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. I'm going to add her inspiring blog to my list of links to visit daily.