Saturday, January 26, 2008

Kokeshi Today

"Wooden Kokeshi" © 2008 Christina Conway

Sorry for the serious delay on the the update to the Kokeshi show from Subtext Gallery. All the unsold dolls have moved on to Nucleus Gallery in Los Angeles. You can find the Kokeshi being displayed and available for sale on their website and in their new store location. They are truly incredible to see in-person, don't miss this second opportunity to view these mini masterpieces.

I continue to find my Kokeshi project in the news... seems artists are being inspired to create their own and every day more and more people find images from the show on the net. Well, in the very near future you can find a sweet article and pictures in a more physical form! Hi•Fructose Magazine has put together a little somethin' for your reading pleasure outside of the internet. Yay! I'm so proud! Also, I was just told that the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles has approved their very own Kokeshi show with me playing curator. I'm thrilled to bits and bits.

I also have another little project in the works that involves the following lovely artists (but that's all the hint I'll drop for now):

© 2007 Amy Sol

© Pamela Jaeger

© 2006 Allison Sommers

© Ana Bagayan

© AxelHoney

© 2007 celëne

© 2007 Tiffany Liu

© 2007 Sylvia Ji

© Tara McPherson

© 2007 Brandi Milne

© Kelly Vivanco

© Lisa Alisa

© Miss Mindy

© Lori Earley


maura said...

wow - that's so cool! congrats! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats Chris, that's exciting news.

Unknown said...

Congrats!!! that's so exciting to know that this great proyect is still growing!!


tokyobunnie said...

Ooh congrats! I am loving that kokeshi illustration!!