Sunday, September 16, 2007

Same Time Different Day

Exactly one week ago today I was getting ready for a two day trip to Minneapolis. I have never been to Minnesota, but from what I could squeeze out of friends it seems to be a lovely place. Very art oriented and everyone is "Minnesota Nice" so that can't be too bad.

Why Minneapolis? Well, it seems a wonderful little company had discovered my work online and thought I might be a good match for a couple of textile design positions for their girls clothing lines. Flattered to bits, I jumped at the opportunity to find out more! So last week this time I was finishing up a project they gave me and preparing myself for a full day of interviewing and assessment testing. Well, let's just say I prepared for the interviews... the testing was a whole new ballgame. Remember the S.A.T.? I don't remember tearing up when I took it in highschool. :(

The next day, I was lucky enough to get a guided tour of the city and instantly fell in-love with all the beautiful brick houses and amazing parks, each with their own lake of course! How cold can it really get? Well, it seems the lakes freeze over, people drive their cars on them and even set up little huts to do some ice fishing. That seems pretty cold. Thank goodness I crochet, finally a place that appreciates a good hat with earflaps!

Everyone is in Europe right now so I still do not have an answer if I will be getting the job offer, so keep your fingers crossed for me. As much as I love San Diego and the projects I get freelancing, for the right position I can make most anywhere home. Bummer if I end up still stuck in San Diego!!

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