Wednesday, September 26, 2007

**KOKESHI** @ subtext Nov. 3, 2007

In celebration of Bunka-no-hi – a Japanese national holiday promoting culture, the arts, and academic endeavour – Subtext and guest curator, Christina Conway, have carefully selected over 75 artists from 13 different countries to customize traditional Japanese Kokeshi dolls. The Kokeshi doll is a traditional folk art form of Japan, dating back to approximately 1830. Originally made by craftsmen during the winter months for sale to tourists, they have come to symbolize Japan to people around the world. Featured artists include Audrey Kawasaki, Marcos Chin, Julie West, Brandi Milne, Calef Brown, Camilla Engman, Catalina Estrada, Fiona Hewitt, Gina Triplett, Jeremiah Ketner, and many more.

A complete list of participating artists can be found here:
**Kokeshi Artists**

Flickr overview of project as it unfolds can be found here:
Kokeshi Project Photos


Unknown said...

Yay! The card looks awesome! -
and I just love your blog....
I linkled you.
( i made up a new word!)

Kenichi said...

I never thought they would make an exhibition just for Kokeshi! As a great Japanese dolls fan I am glad that so many people share the same interest in Japanese culture. Hurray to the artisans who work with Kokeshi dolls, they deserve that their work is recognized.