Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Shelf Life & DIY Calamari

This is the show I made the custom piece for, shown in post below.

About the Show(s)
During November adFunture is opening their guerilla store and adFunture UK event in London hosted by Bodhi Gallery's 'B2' Storespace. During the 6 week adFunture event there will be artist signings, new product drops, exclusive releases, customs shows, art, toys, non-stop joy etc. etc. The event co-incides with a duet art show featuring work from Hicalorie and Sichi.

The official opening night / launch party will be November 15th, and also provides the venue for the official release of Lefty's first colorways, anyone of you in the area or willing to make the trip are invited to come down & give moral support while getting drunk for free on our behalf of sponsors Tiger Beer. The customs show, dubbed 'DIY Calamari' will be on display during the 6 week adfunture event. You can read up more on this at www.adfuntureworkshop.com/uk/

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Cc said...

can i be one of ur stalkers??lol..i'll add u to my links list on my page =)im gonna go to this opening.cant wait.i want to grab me one of them lefty's!