Thursday, October 18, 2007

My Day

Today I had a chat with a real live toy maker before heading out on my errands. What a great job title and even more fascinating job! Seems the Kokeshi project has caught his attention... it's exciting meeting all these new people that care so much about art and toys.

It's was my first day back from a weeks worth of temporary on-site work with a marketing company in an area of San Diego I never even knew existed. I had to return briefly today to get some papers signed and while on my way I ended up behind a classy named business truck. I feel like such a "star" ;)

When I arrived at the agency I discovered a sweet cat that seemed interested in conversation. So we chatted a bit. I returned a few minutes later ready to leave and my new acquaintance was promptly waiting right next to the driver's side of my car. :( This is an industrial area so I knew he wasn't a family's missing cat. Well, the cat managed to talk me into "rescuing" him. Seriously, it's all the cat insisting such attention. Once in the car I think he had a change of heart and there was some serious whining going on followed by some frantic searching for an escape route. Luckily, he chilled pretty early on and became my lap companion while I drove, traffic was congested since everyone was just getting off work and for once I was thankful for the slow drive. Half an hour later we arrived at our destination... the shelter. It was a sad departure but I knew he would be better off in their care. *Note: this was a round cat and I thought it might be a pregnant female but the animal shelter confirmed that he was just fat... One fat happy cat, I hope I did the right thing.

My next stop was Subtext where I was greeted with 20 packages of Kokeshi dolls. It was like Christmas! The new arrivals will be getting photographed this weekend and I will be posting more "sneak peaks" on flickr soon. I am so lucky to get to see these works up-close and have to handle the art... seriously, I felt like I was unwrapping rare gems and you know what, they really are. It's going to be hard parting with all these lovely Kokeshi dolls but it's heart-warming to know I have a little something to do with their existence. :)

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