Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Vinyl Pulse & Designer Toys

In case you haven't figured it out yet I am an admirer of the designer toy scene. Honestly though, most of the pieces are created by and for men... and I prefer more sugary sweet stuff so I have been rather picky on what I collect and only buy pieces that really impress me. Artists whose toys I tend to be most drawn towards are Nathan Jurevicius (Scary Girl), Rolitoland, Tim Biskup (older stuff), Gary Baseman, Tara McPherson and J. Neth. The designer toy market is what inspired me to put the custom Kokeshi show together but I wanted to influence the scene with a little more femininity, something a little softer. But don't worry, some manly pieces managed to work their way in there... something for everyone.

Vinyl Pulse just posted about the Kokeshi event and I'm quite thrilled. They have tons of updates about designer toys. Check them out.

Here's a random photo so this post is slightly more interesting:
Kathie Olivas' new vinyl toys displayed at San Diego Comic Con this year.


Anonymous said...

I saw the news on Vinyl Pulse, congrats, it looks to be a very neat show.

O K E E d O R K E E said...

Yo, Miss C!

Thank you for putting this show together! The SD scene needs more of these! We will be posting the event on our site as well. We're definitely dropping by to see you and your cool kokeshi dolls!

O K E E d O R K E E

Anonymous said...