Sunday, October 28, 2007

HiCalorie Lefty: A New Breed

Sea of rainbow Lefty feet.
One version of the new Lefty coming out in November. Glows in the dark... oooooooh!

Straight from the HiCalorie site, "Saltwater Vinyl!
Hot from the underwater toy press, these little 6" Glow in the Dark octopi are assembling for release at adFunture London. The first vinyl colorway of Lefty, our once narcotics addicted plush octopus, will be available to be picked up, signed and taken back to glow in your homes from the 15th of November, his release celebrating the opening of adFunture's 6 week Guerilla Store in London."

My custom Lefty side 1: "Spaceship Lefty: featuring Gangsta Panda"

My custom Lefty side 2: "Spaceship Lefty: featuring Sly Fox"

My custom Lefty side 3: "Spaceship Lefty: featuring Well-Read Rabbit"

There is a custom Lefty show arriving soon in the U.K. next month. Sorry to be missing the show in-person, it's an impressive line-up of artists : Julie West, Kathie Olivas, Clutter Magazine, Mike Burnett, Jeremyville, Peskimo and Hello Brute to name a few. Somehow I got in there ;) If you're able to check it out, send me photos.


tokyobunnie said...

Wow, yours look really good! I love the panda w/ the kerchief!

So glad you found my blog, so I could find yours! :)

Unknown said...

these are so cute! love the colors :D


Anonymous said...

i love love love the bunny!!!!

Brody Albert said...

ahh chris i love them! especially the thugged out panda!