Monday, July 20, 2009

Discover {Yellena James}

"Morning" Pen and Ink on Paper.

I first came across Yellena James' work through a design blog, wish I could name the one but starting several years ago I have been following so many that they all get mixed around in my head, but needless to say it was a really good one! Yellena calls Portland, Oregon home... I've come discover this area is a treasure trove of great talent.

Yellena has work on Etsy, mostly prints with a rare original drawing posted. Her colorful organic shapes make me think of dreamland flowers and meadows.

Yellena's kokeshi for the 2007 Custom Kokeshi show @ Subtext Gallery, San Diego.

Check out her incredible body of work and learn more about this talented artist at


allison j. sichling said...

yellena's work is beautiful, but i especially love what they did with the kokeshi.

Susanna Katherine said...

This is very well done and different and I enjoyed it.