Monday, July 13, 2009

VIDEO Custom Kokeshi at JANM Part 1

Custom Kokeshi at JANM, originally uploaded by 2winks_Art.

A creaky video I took of the space before it was ready for the public. I wanted to record the dolls before the protective shells were placed on the display boxes. Enjoy. But you MUST see this in-person, the scope of the show is truly impressive, showing the history of kokeshi. Hope you can visit the museum. Show will be up until Oct. 4.

All the kokeshi in the custom section of the show are available for sale here. There is little signage that pieces can be purchased so take advantage of this and find a favorite online, there's not a bad piece in the bunch :)

I will post more about the opening soon, trying to catch up on everything missed in the last few days since I spent them away in Los Angeles... which was awesome!

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Christine said...

WOW~ I wish I was in LA to see this show..what a fantastic array of dolls!
Look forward to seeing more:)

(I came here via Chris Sickel's blog)