Friday, July 17, 2009

Blank Kokeshi 2009

click on above image for larger view

I was unable to find blank kokeshi online back in 2007 when I started the first Custom Kokeshi show, so I had to have all the dolls created for me. All are U.S. made from Hardwood Maple and Birch (sorry, not the traditional Japanese woods) with removable head. Minor sanding may be required to finish cut edges.

The LARGE is the same design the artists used for the Fall 2007 show at Subtext. The ARTIST size is the same design used in the most recent show at the Japanese American National Museum. I have a limited quantity of every style, write me if you would like to purchase any, this is the "official shop" for now :)

Happy Creating!
Christina Conway


Patches said...

Great news! I will spread the word.

It was good to see you again last Saturday. Nice job pulling a smashing show together too!


Unknown said...

Hi, Christina!
I love your Kokeshi ehibitions, though I just have been able to see the custom dolls through the net (I´m from Argentina).

I was wondering if there´s a way of submitting a portfolio or samples, in order to join upcoming Kokeshi exhibitions (or similar art shows :) )
I´m a painter/illustrator/mangaka, and I´d love to participate!

Thanks a lot for your time, and congratulations on another succesful show! ♥

Anonymous said...

hi there! I might be interested in purchasing some of these! could you email me @ hello [at]