Saturday, October 31, 2009

Yearbook {Kent Williams} & Happy Halloween!

Kent Williams' work is so exotic, colorful and mesmerizing. Cool and collected, he oddly enough drew for me a crowned skull, which I feel appropriately fits in with today's most awesome of holidays, HALLOWEEN!

Kent's Blog.

Ode to past Halloweens:
My father and his sister in Moline, Kansas circa 1954(?)

Halloween party at my house, my dad was the best, we'd carve pumpkins and make huge messes, the best parties are always the messy ones. That would be me on the far left, aka Casper.

For more Halloween goodness, check out WickedHalo's pics


just dad said...

Those were some pretty snappy costumes weren't they!! Only two places in ole Moline to buy masks: The Mechantile or De'Water's Drugs. That black cat mask (yes I remember) was a Merchantile purchase. Thanks for sharing the pumpkin carving picture and the kind words for the old man. Some of my fondous memories were of those parties (remember the sleep-over birthday ones?) Love dad

Carm said...

I was Casper too. Since we are the same age, it's entirely possible it was the same year. Only I was in North Dakota so my winter coat was on under the costume! We must have had snow...

Thanks for reminding me!