Friday, October 23, 2009

Three Apples LA Prognosis

I obviously don't know how to use Photo Booth for recording video (taken at Eliza's studio with art cat Zara). In the clip above I'm trying to tell you how great the night before was at the VIP opening for the Three Apples/ Hello Kitty show at Royal/T in Culver City. They made everyone... EVERYONE wait in line to get in since the fire marshall called in his troops. Artists and Sanrio employees were waiting too. Finally we managed to bypass the line and get our Hello Kitty lovin' selves inside (minus Eliza who had to leave and not counting Jeni since she despises HK, but she was there for moral support). After snacking on delicious treats and free Sapporo... much awesome art was enjoyed and dancing ensued. Fun FUN night, even for HK hater Jeni, lol.

Geeky/crafty me painted my own Hello Kitty Space Kat tie just for the event... and had many fans appreciating my labor of love. Dork. The pic on the right is inside the Hello Kitty Airstream, schwanky!

I'm spending the rest of the weekend up here in LA and recorded the video with Zara at Eliza's studio where I'm super jealous of her set-up. Almost... ALMOST makes me want to be up here too with a studio space. Keeping busy all weekend, wishing everyone out there the best weekend ever and reminding you that Halloween is coming up soon... get out there this weekend and get your costume perfected... cause it's no fun combing 7-11 on All Hallow's Eve for disguises.

(a hint at what I might be turning into October 31st.)

Left my camera battery charging at home, therefore missing many fantastic picture taking opportunities, but ArrestedMotion managed to do a great job of covering most of the fantastic activities going on at the Three Apples VIP Party, enjoy:

P.S. An extra shout out to Jeni for taking the photos of my excellent tie and to Yoskay for giving Jeni and me his Hello Kitty Bag-O-Shwag since they were all gone by the time we were allowed in.

P.P.S. You MUST see Yoskay's nekkid kitty, "Hellooo Kitty!!!, " too awesome. But next time she needs kitty nipples to make her properly legit ;)

P.P.P.S. And here was his apology to Sanrio:

dear sanrio,

i'm very sorry to have your child icon like hello kitty posing naked with her dress off....

it's my japanese kinkiness that brought this end result...
please forgive me...


Eliza said...

That video is quite possibly the most adorable thing I've seen in forever!!

lisa mertins said...

thank you for posting about the kitty goodness! i don't understand people that don't love her so you are magnanimous to stay friends with jeni the hater ;) (jk)
i wish i'd read this earlier since that airstream sold already :(