Monday, October 26, 2009

Yearbook {Brandi Milne}

Self-taught artist extraordinaire, gorgeous and vivacious Brandi Milne!

Brandi's Blog.

And it was so much fun running into this lovely lady on Saturday night. I was invited to a little get-together at Lola's and met some wonderful, fun and creative people.

Here's a blurry shot (Brandi insisted on not using a flash, silly lady) I took from that night. L to R: Luke Chueh, Kim Chueh, Lola, Roman Cho and Brandi Milne.

Thanks Lola for a fabulous evening!

The only downfalls were
1) I missed the GB opening at JANM, which was incredible from what I hear and
2) It took me 2 hours to drive back to where I was staying due to highway 101 and 110 being closed... the only major arteries going to where I needed to be. I don't know LA and finding my way through side streets which were also blocked often was a little frustrating, especially at 3 am :(

BUT I made it back and now I'm in SD again, trying to catch up and also get some great ideas onto paper and into people's hands for my next curating adventure! YAY! LA!

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Hey Hey Hey!! Great seeing you there - what a surprise! It took me forever to get home that night too, thanks a lot Caltrans... see you again soon!