Saturday, February 13, 2010

Smell the Love

Since I'm posting so close to Vday, thought I'd throw out these smellicious designs I created for my client, Snifty® - "Nifty Scented Pens".

"Love" the Write Way... ha ha.
Now go out and buy them for all your loved ones so I can continue to work with such a fun product. :D


Eliza said...

My Dick Blick has Sniftys at the counter! I always plug them to all the other people in line hehehe. :) Does the message hearts one just smell like sugar? That would be awesome.

Andrea In Pajamas said...

I love scented pens- especially when you don't know it's scented at first and you think you are imagining it, so you go around asking everybody what they think the pen smells like (example: when I used the candy cane pen in the break room at work).