Friday, February 5, 2010


A place to keep favorite items that I wouldn't mind showing up at my front door. This is not a hint, just an on-going list so I can remember my favorite finds. If you choose to use as shopping suggestions for future birthdays (Feb. 23) or special occasions (Jan - Dec) I certainly can't stop you. :)

Every issue and a subscription would make my century!

*Henry's sells large size too! UPDATE: I found at Costco, 'ells ya!

UPDATE: A brilliant boy and awesome crocheter
gave me this book for my birthday, it's even more wonderful than
I could have imagined! Thank you, JK. You made my day (and evening too, yay! Donuts!).

[Buttloads of books I've come across
and now suddenly can't find...
to be updated soon... hopefully.]

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