Monday, June 30, 2008

Okimiyage: A Parting Gift or Remembrance

Pressure Printing and Audrey Kawasaki have really outdone themselves. If it were not for the volatile economy I might just be willing to spend $1500 for this amazing intaglio entitled "Okimiyage". So if all my friends and relatives and any one else wanting to all go in on an early birthday present for next year... now you know where to look. There are only 50 prints and I expect they'll go quicker than a bunny's blink.

You can learn about the extensive process that went into creating these beautiful embossed, hand colored intaglio prints here. Also, there's a wonderful 12-page spread on Audrey in July's Juxtapoz written by Katie Zuppann that's less interview and more observance, it's a really nice read and the images... INCREDIBLE.

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liz said...

gorgeous art. thanks for introducing me to someone new...