Sunday, June 29, 2008

I Like Free Fonts

click on image above to be taken to free download.

Don't get me wrong, not all (free) fonts are created equal. There are some real doosies out there that should never be spelling out any proper words, so when I come across a font I can actually imagine using, YAY! Yay for BB Petie Boy. It reminds me a bit of Edward Gorey's handdrawn lettering and I've alway had a soft spot for typefaces rendered in the rough/sketch style, showing the human hand behind the creation.

Speaking of Edward Gorey, I came across another free font based on the lettering he uses in his dark but wonderfully surreal and sad stories.
click on image above to be taken to free download.

The two fonts below were found through, via box vox, via Autobahn who created the typefaces by rather unconventional methods. I don't think I will be using either one of these anytime soon but I appreciate the work that went into them. very cool. You can find the free downloads for "Freshfonts" here.

Have a favorite free and fabulous typeface you created or found online? Share them in the comments section and keep an eye out for my own personal font I'm creating through Fontifier.

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Macoe said...

Ahh, I'm an Edward Gorey fan too. Let me know how the Fontifier thing works out; I've been considering giving them a whirl ;)