Monday, March 3, 2008


Polka dots birdie by rosie music, 2.5" x 3.5", Watercolor
Newly acquired art: Tiny drawing from rosie music on Etsy. Love her simple and sweet style.

Fly Fishin by Tim's Sally, 2.5" x 3.5" Acrylic on paper
Newly acquired art #2: Small painting from Tim's Sally Etsy shop. Funny character that reminds me of Joe Sorren's work... and I love fishing so I fell for this tiny treasure.

ADDED NOTE: HMMM, guess this piece is more Joe Sorren than I thought. For this post I went to his website to add his link and discovered the image below on the homepage which I have never seen before today. A little too similar if you ask me, I feel duped :( Sorry Joe, I guess I'll keep my "copy is the sincerest form of flattery" tiny painting until I buy one of your masterpieces... and then it's STRAIGHT OUT THE DOOR... I swear. The painting only cost me $5 so I won't complain too much. But I still feel lousy right now.

in the morning, in the tide (the annunciation) by Joe Sorren, 34"x 40" oil on panel
I have a penchant for original works and surround myself with inspiring images, if only I had a budget to match, so the tiny artist cards will have to suffice for now.

Nostalgia hits and I remember this sweet face of "My Friend Mandy". I remember in 3rd or 4th grade giving a "show and tell" presentation dressed in matching outfits that my grandma made for me and Mandy. I loved that jean overall skirt and long sleeved shirt with tiny yellow flowers. I've grown a year older since my last post so I guess it's stuff like that this that will keep me forever young ;)

Found this through MoCo Loco yesterday and thought it quite hilarious.


Anonymous said...

thank you for pointing out something that seems too similar to an original like sorren. although i get inspired by others, it drives me nuts when another artist is so blatant.
also, i'm glad sorren is moving away from the ginormous hands so thanks for posting this new work...

Kate Lightfoot said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean!!

I came very close to buying something from this shop until I realised it was a Joe Sorren 'duplicate'.

You'll also see Mark Ryden's work and Marion Peck's in the same Etsy shop. I'm really quite annoyed that there's no reference to where the 'inspiration' came from.

It does feel very much like the wool is being pulled over customers' eyes.

Good on you for blogging about it!

xxx scarlett