Monday, March 3, 2008

Judge's Pick!!

I received an email this morning letting me know that I won the Judge's Pick in the Imprint Handbag Design Contest. Yea me! LOL. There were other winners of course, congratulations to everyone who participated!
Prizes for each winner will be:
- Grand Prize: Louis Vuitton LV Murakami Neverfull Handbag
- Judges’ pick: Louis Vuitton LV Murakami Neverfull Folio
- Honorable mention: $20 Starbucks giftcard

I totally did this for my fascination with Takashi Murakami's take over of the world at large and I'm quite honored, but, umm, what's a Louis Vuitton LV Folio? Crosby, maybe you can fill me in on this one. :)


gutsforgarters said...

look at you designer diva! i want the one that YOU designed, please. wrap it up.

umm a folio is sort of like a flat clutch that usually unfolds into 3 compartments. kind of like a trapper keeper :)

Liquide said...
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Christina Conway said...

thanks Crosby, I knew you'd be more informed than me... now what does one do with a 3 compartment clutch? does it go inside a purse or is it THE purse... lol you don't have to answer that I just thought it funny that there are some many things out there in designer land that I'm completely clueless about.

Elsita :) said...

Wow Christina!! The bag is sooo great!

gutsforgarters said...

well YOU probably would put it inside your other larger bag (backpack) and put things in it. :)