Sunday, August 26, 2012

Catch Up & {{ HiddenInspiration #1 }}

Welcome Back!
Has it really been almost a year since I last posted? Despite this time-lapse, I haven't disappeared completely. I have found distracting avenues for posting life's chapters of interesting moments (Facebook) and collecting items of interest (Pinterest). Even my updates of great places to find new music has been befuddled with the introduction of a popular music application (Spotify).

Let's catch up:
• The day after Christmas I started fostering a 5 month old rescue cat (third cat down) that started fetching my hand-crocheted mice and I fell completely head over heals for. We're in the process of getting us both certified to be therapy Pet Partners. I'm hoping to eventually take him to hospitals and convalescent homes, bringing the healing power of fuzzy cuddles and purrrs to everyone he meets. He's learned "high-5", "sit", "shake", "lie down" and walks on a leash. Yes, he's that awesome.  AND... I'm probably THAT Crazy Cat Lady. :)

15 year-old Ashley

8 year-old Baxter

1 year-old Tao - The little dude that is training to be a therapy pet.

• More of my logo design and pattern work has been available in stores via International Arrivals, a client I've had for almost 5 years now. Always fun to see my projects in cute shops around the country. 

• I was recently contacted by Pottery Barn Kids for freelance work and had a chance to visit San Francisco, which I am now completely smitten with this creative city.

• And now I'm back to posting on my blog again for an experiment in inspiration and discipline. I'm calling this project "{{ HiddenInspirations }}", I plan to expand my creativity by randomly picking photos/art/design images and creating repeat patterns, logos, characters, etc. based on the chosen "inspiration". Basically I'm forcing myself to create SOMETHING, ANYTHING based on seeing a photo and putting pencil to paper/ Wacom pen to tablet. My first design is below, the pattern was created after playing around with a shape I found in the photo (shown directly below design). My plan is to create designs based on this structure, at least once a week. Would love to have you follow along and give your feedback and even see your own creations!

{{ HiddenInspiration #1 }} by Christina Conway (me)

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Unknown said...

Hi Christina, it was so nice to meet you yesterday at the Show and Tell meetup! Design talk is always so fun and I love to meet new people in the city that I am so new!!

What a great project! I think a weekly creation is perfect! In fact that's how my sister and me started getting more designs done. We force ourselves to do it every week, we even have punishments for not doing it! I'll definitely follow your new project! Oh and how fun to design for Pottery Barn Kids!!!

Dariela from DariDesignStudio