Thursday, August 20, 2009

Discover {Eliza Frye}

This girl is "one to watch" for sure! She's an animator, illustrator, unicorn lover and all around fun gal who also happens to speak Japanese and French. Eliza Frye lives in Los Angeles, California and recently moved into her own studio space with an adjoining gallery next door aka Miss Scarlet in the Parlor
Take a peek:

Eliza creates comics both in traditional printed format and online. In Fact!! She was nominated this year for an Eisner Award for her digital comic The Lady's Murder. CONGRATS ELIZA!

Learn more about this talented red-head at and read more of her beautifully drawn and mysterious stories HERE.

You can buy copies of her work HERE and also nab her eloquently simple and vivacious kokeshi, Hebiko, HERE.


Eliza said...

Thank you Chris!! You sure you don't want to be my agent?

Anonymous said...

I love your blog!! I'm following

edwinushiro said...

Who are these people? A very Bizarre blog.