Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I haven't seen my father in 2 1/2 years so I guess it was time for a reunion. But San Diego is WAY more fun than Fort Worth so I managed to get a visit during Thanksgiving... it's been a VERY long time since we spent a holiday together and this was a very nice treat. Thanks Olga!

The Arrival:
First stop Subtext to show dad the Kokeshi show that has me walking on clouds. A very proud moment and I think dad was impressed. :)

Aubergine Friday Sushi Specials to die for! How have I gone on this long without knowing about this gem of a deal??? Met up with my sweetheart of a friend, Macoe, at Aubergine. We planned to visit the GRRRRRL Power show afterward but time was not our friend that evening, sorry Grrrrrrls. :(

Day 2
On the way to meet dad at Hash House A Go Go I spotted this lovely chirping hummingbird... reason #5,004 of why I love my city.

Hash House A Go-Go with plates bigger than your head and enough food on one plate to feed a small family. Seriously, don't miss this eatery. Order lightly. :)

The only proper way to follow mass eating is with mass shopping and Kobey's Swap Meet is the best place around to fill every shopping list you have and get your exercise in. This place is huge and you always find stuff you never knew you needed.

Day 3:
Dad suggested we visit Old Town, I was hesitant but thoroughly impressed when we got there. It has been awhile since I was last there and it really does have a lot to see. Yay, Old Town! Definitely check out Old Town Mexican Cafe when you're there, fresh torillas being made right before your eyes.

Met up with Spicy Brown's Scott Brown and his adorable family at Subtext to talk shop. What could be in the works??? Stay tuned!

Dad suggested finding things to do that I never treat myself to. I love a good comedy and theatre is always fun. The San Diego Rep always has something good going on so I picked "Sweet 15" which was comical and had fun costume changes. Worth a try!

Day 4:

Dad likes his port... but only Orfila's will do. We visited two wineries on the way to Temecula. Never made it to the locations on the map above, but, be sure to stop by all the lovely wineries in Temecula, only a short drive from San Diego (45 minutes).

Ended the evening with Thanksgiving meal shopping and then a stop over at Landmark Theatre in Hillcrest. I love living within walking distance of this place, always plenty to discover. We saw Darjeeling Limited, another charming Wes Anderson film. Royal Tenenbaums is still my favorite, but you can't go wrong with Wes Anderson.

Day 5
LOL, this is what I "hoped" our day trip to visit Los Angeles would include. I narrowed it down from 9 anticipated art stops to 3 and we barely made the last one. L.A., this place is so not practical.

Catalina Estrada at La Luz de Jesus Gallery. Beautiful with intricate details. More photos can be found here.

Close-up of one of Cati's paintings. Her Kokeshi fits in perfectly with this show. All the texturing begs for petting. I promise I didn't touch, except the Kokeshi... heehee.

Munky King Melrose currently has a yummy plush show called "Stuffed". Food never looked so friendly.
Canned Ham aka Haminal, hence the sqaure body shape. A pig never looked so happy to be "served".

Last place we visited was Storyopolis. But I was sad to see that it has changed owners and location and it's just not the same place it use to be. I was anticipating seeing Ana Juan's original paintings there but they had just been sent to Miami where a collector bought all but one painting Storyopolis had of hers. They were kind enough to bring out the one last piece so that made up a little. They had a lovely collection of original Nicoletta Ceccoli paintings. I was so rushed I was hardly able to appreciate the collection of illustrations in their gallery. Guess the place has good intentions afterall. They just need some magic to bring the place alive a little.

Six Flags!!! This map is your only guide through the park and it's as disorganized as it looks... the designer must have been having a bad day. It was painful to keep referring to. Just walk and ride and you'll do alright! Maybe take a breather if you're over 30, I don't remember rides shaking my brain and tummy so much. But it was still a fun day!

The Tatsu, my favorite!! It would take 2 people to hug these poles near the bottom, hopefully this gives you an idea of the height of the roller coaster.

I couldn't resist this last pic. Dad thought he was so cute buying the first photo of us on the Goliath but the next ride photo was too hilarious to pass up. Thanks Dad!

Day 7:
HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! My friend Justin made a delicious 19lb turkey and I whipped up the rest. I somehow screwed up the stuffing so I guess next year I'll just be a guest and not the chef. ;)
Dad and Justin anxiously awaiting to eat pumpkin pie. It was a lovely Thanksgiving and we learned a lot about dating Uruguayan style... thanks Marisol.

Dad left the next morning and I have been trying to get back to reality since. Thanks dad for all the fun and laughter. xox.


Anonymous said...

Busy! It looks like you had a great time! I agree that "Royal" is better, but I'm always happy to see a Wes Anderson movie!

Also, Tofu Robot = wheee!

Justin said...

Yeah, my first mention in a internet blog- I'm blogworthy!